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What gets measured gets changed. Our rigorous research guides all areas of our work and serves as a resource for statewide nonprofits, policy makers, and leaders making their case to secure needed funding and to implement innovative solutions to elevate women.

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Status of Women

Status of Women in Alabama (2020) is a first-of-its-kind report on challenges and solutions facing women in our state. By examining statewide and county-by-county well-being indicators for women, it serves as an important benchmark on the issues most impacting women.

Clearing the Path - 2019

Clearing the Path: Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Workforce (2019) examines the question of how the state’s workforce development system serves women and their families and provides recommendations for building a workforce development system that truly works for women.

Clearing the Path - 2021

Women must be a targeted part of the state’s workforce solutions.

Clearing the Path: Strengthening Child Care, Strengthening Alabama examines the role quality child care plays in building and sustaining a gender-inclusive workforce to fuel Alabama’s economy.

Key data highlights include:

  • Twenty-seven percent of Alabama women with children do not participate in the labor force, leading to lost revenue for families and our economy.
  • There only enough licensed child care seats to serve two-thirds of children in Alabama with either one or both parents in the workforce.
  • The median wage for a child care professional in Alabama is $9.02/hour, or just over $18,700 per year.

The report also addresses solutions from making quality child care a hallmark of economic development and workforce planning to cultivate a greater child care supply and supporting affordability and access for families at all income levels.

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