Real change happens when women lead.

Women are 52% of Alabama’s population and 100% essential to the future prosperity of our state, but far underrepresented in seats of power.

Those days are numbered.

To catalyze the mounting dialogue and public outcry for a powerful, unified voice for women in the state of Alabama, the Women’s Foundation of Alabama has built our own Women’s Policy Institute (WPI), a durable and permanent advocacy operation that bridges the gap between the legislative process and Alabama’s diverse communities.

Recruiting women leaders from across the state, WPI will provide the training, guidance, and access necessary for women to lead and engage in all aspects of state-level public policy advocacy.

Women’s Policy Institute Fellowship

WPI Fellows will complete a 40-hour experiential learning curriculum rooted in gender and racial justice. Training sessions will build the skills necessary to successfully move policy, including organizing, civic engagement, and leadership. Fellows will also learn about key issues in our state that are critical for women’s opportunity and success.

How to Apply

The application for our 2022 class of WPI Fellows will open in January 2022. Complete the form below to receive WPI updates and to be notified of the application opening.

Click here for information about our 2022 WPI Fellowship and to apply online. 

Now more than ever, women’s voices must be heard. Through their lived experience, women know what they and their families need to thrive. And when women lead, their families, communities, and countries benefit. Women in Alabama are ready to claim their seat – or bring their own if they must – and create a system where all voices are finally heard.

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