It’s July! That means grant season at The Women’s Fund. As we prepare for finding needs and funding change, we want to share the what and why behind our two-generation (2Gen) approach because it informs all of our work and drives the decision-making in our competitive grant cycle.

Why 2Gen?

In The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham’s five-county footprint (Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, and Walker county), 38% of female-headed households with children live below the federal poverty line, making them one of the most vulnerable populations in our community. Through listening sessions and community engagement, we have learned that programs serving these vulnerable families too often use fragmented approaches that address the needs of parents and children separately leaving one generation behind.

A 2Gen approach uses programs or policy to create pathways for entire families to move towards economic security.

What is 2Gen?

2Gen approaches focus on creating opportunities that address the needs of whole families, integrating services and funding for mothers and their children.

There are five key “gears” that must work together for families to succeed:

  • Early childhood education includes pre-k and quality child care.
  • Postsecondary and employment pathways include certification programs for in-demand jobs.
  • Economic assets include housing, transportation, financial education, and tax credits.
  • Health and well-being includes physical health and mental health.
  • Social capital includes family, friends, neighbors, mentors, and peer support.
Scaling 2Gen

As of May 2018, we have funded and facilitated 18 two-generation collaborations. The results are strong and whole families are moving forward. But our vision for transforming the region—and ultimately the state—can’t stop here.

We must grow. We must scale. We must balance each critical investment with a focus on broader systems reform.

By partnering with supporters and organizations like you our grant cycle will do just that!

Are you breaking barriers to economic security for women and their children?

We will release our 2019 Request for Proposals (RFP) at the end of this month, welcoming applications from organizations who think creatively and collaboratively about how they can strengthen the economic security of women, especially single mothers and their children, through programming and public policy advocacy.

Join us on a bold journey to create change that lasts for generations and apply for a grant.

Important dates for The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham’s 2019 Grant Cycle:
  • July 27: RFP Released
  • August 8: Grant information sessions at ArchitectureWorks
  • August 31: Application due to The Women’s Fund
  • December: Grant awards announced

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