Last week, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham organized a site visit to Brighton Center in Newport, Kentucky for a group of Collaboration Institute Family Hub team members. Brighton Center, a nationally recognized community agency using a collaborative, 2Gen (two-generation) approach, partners with 39 agencies across 8 counties to provide families with support services, education, employment, and coaching.

As Family Hub Teams in Jefferson, Walker, and Shelby counties move toward implementing a similar strategy right here in our home state, the trip provided tremendous insight into the “secret sauce” behind two-generation best practices. Experts from the field shared valuable insights, further preparing Family Hub Teams for their official launch in early 2019.

Why is 2Gen so important?

The two-generation approach is a national, research-informed model to disrupt poverty that intentionally integrates and aligns often-isolated services for kids and adults simultaneously in ways that lead to accelerated progress for the whole family.

Collaboration Institute, Alabama’s two-generation model developed by The Women’s Fund, is designed to more effectively align Birmingham’s social services and workforce initiatives to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty for single mothers and their families. In June 2017, The Women’s Fund established three teams comprised of local agencies (community colleges, child care centers, public and private job training initiatives, social services, and more) each with the goal of developing a 2Gen Family Hub that provides a seamless and comprehensive set of services to families.

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