The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham’s President & CEO Melanie R. Bridgeforth was recently honored as one of the . The 2018 Women Who Shape the State are inspiring achievers from all walks of life with one important thing in common: an incredible knack for leadership. Congratulations Melanie!

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Bridgeforth, the president and CEO of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, has dedicated her career to improving the lives of Alabama men, women, and children. Her role at The Women’s Fund allows her to combat poverty in the five-county area around Jefferson County. A fifth-generation Alabamian, she was driven to success largely by her parents. “They are the two most significant motivators of my unrelenting drive for success because they allowed me to define my own success and resist social and cultural norms that might confine who I could become,” she says. She thinks effective leaders possess “unwavering integrity” and stay true to their word. “They are fearless in their endeavors and intentional in their decision making to change and create history for those they serve.”

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