Last March, hundreds of generous donors supported communities across the state when they needed it most with a gift to our Rapid Operating and Response (ROAR) for Women Fund.

Through ROAR for Women, The Women’s Fund raised funds and deployed targeted grants to child care centers serving children of essential employees in areas of highest needs throughout our state.

In addition to providing financial resources to child care providers across the state, through partnerships with local and statewide child care and public health organizations, we were also able to offer providers critical technical assistance on topics like safe re-opening procedures and how to access federal relief dollars.

With Phase Two of ROAR well underway, here’s a quick update:

  • The Women’s Fund awarded 31 grants to child care providers totaling over $195,012.
  • 100% of the child care providers funded through ROAR remain open today.
  • ROAR grants to child care providers across the state impacted 1,308 children, 353 essential worker parents, and 239 child care staff.

As of March 2021, 15% of child care providers remain closed due to the pandemic. Because of donors like you, The Women’s Fund will invest a second round of funding in child care providers who are expanding capacity to close the gap.

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