Today The Women’s Fund launches an emergency relief fund for at-risk child care centers serving essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Update (May 6, 2020): At this time, we are no longer accepting applications or donations to the ROAR for Women Fund. To make a general gift to The Women’s Fund, click here.

As the state’s first and only foundation specifically investing for gender equity, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham has always committed itself to addressing challenges that distinctly impact women, including child care.

Now, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic deepens existing inequities, we must respond in a way that centers the unique needs of women while acknowledging the unprecedented circumstances facing us all.

Our first step was protecting the health and safety of our team. Our next step: listening to our community. And we heard one thing loud and clear:

Save child care.

Catastrophes magnify fragile systems, including child care.

As of today, only 7% of licensed child care centers and 29% of day care homes in Alabama are open and operating. Some centers are closing permanently which will have devastating long-term effects for women and communities.

Together, we can change that.

Communities across this state are joining forces. But no coordinated response has specifically targeted support to the child care industry—until now.

Today, The Women’s Fund launches the Rapid Operating and Relief (ROAR) for Women Fund, affectionately known as ROAR for Women. This is our organizational response to meet the needs of communities amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Throughout the pandemic, ROAR for Women will be used to raise funds and deploy targeted grants to child care centers serving children of essential employees in areas of highest needs throughout our state.

This fund will support centers that desperately need it to reopen their doors and those fighting every day to stay open throughout the pandemic.

Your investment in ROAR for Women does three simple things:

  • Provides direct relief and aids in the recovery for the child care industry, one of the most critical infrastructures in our state.
  • Supports women-owned businesses powered by women employees.
  • Connects child care centers to critical technical assistance through our strategic partnerships

Our emergency relief provides more than just money. We are also connecting grant recipients with access to infrastructure and human capital through our strategic partnerships with Childcare ResourcesAlabama Giving, the Jefferson County Department of Health, and the Alabama Department of Human Resources, and a host of others.

Your immediate support is critical for the essential employees throughout our state and for child care centers that allow them to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

Together let’s build a future where power and possibility are not limited by gender.

The ROAR for Women Fund will adapt and evolve as we learn and understand more about the current situation.

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