The impact of ROAR for Women has already been significant. But this relief was just Phase One. Our second phase extends beyond relief and into recovery.

You’ve heard us say that catastrophes magnify preexisting inequities and fragile systems. But because of the generous and swift response from communities across this state, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham came to the aid of many care centers serving children of essential employees.

As a result, the impact of the Rapid Operating and Relief (ROAR) for Women Fund has been significant:

  • Raised over $310,500
  • Awarded 29 grants totaling over $173,800 to child care centers in 17 counties across Alabama
  • Up to 750+ children of essential workers in child care
  • 21 centers saved; 8 centers reopened 

The critical core of small business owners told us ROAR funds allowed them to buy critical cleaning supplies, offer scholarship funds, restock pantry staples, afford their bills, and more.

Parents gained relief, too. Rhonda Beech, Owner/Director of Discovery Days Child Development Center, Inc. said, “One mom told me, ‘Knowing my child is in a safe caring environment and they are happy each day when I drop off and pick up means everything. I can concentrate on my work instead of worrying all day. The center opening back up has not only saved my job, but also my sanity.’”

But this relief was just Phase One. Conversations with grantee-partners have made it abundantly clear that needs will extend beyond relief and into recovery, which is the goal of our second phase.

Phase Two of ROAR for Women will focus on:

  • State-level policy advocacy to strengthen the entire child care industry—an industry powered by women employees and business owners
  • Continued deployment of funds and expanded technical assistance to centers in our Greater Birmingham footprint

The Board of Directors and The Women’s Fund’s leadership have a shared vision to use the ROAR for Women Fund in the unfortunate event of a future crisis. There is always a need for philanthropy and advocacy to center gender equity, and that is a need you can count on us to meet.

We are sincerely grateful for our supporters’ outpouring of compassion and commitment to ensuring the road to recovery specifically includes women.

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