After Khalena’s son Kaileb was born with a brain tumor, her life was on hold. Tiny Kaileb required multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. The hospital became their second home.

Thankfully, Kaileb’s health improved, and, because of her experience, Khalena decided working at a hospital was her calling.

Khalena enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at Jefferson State funded by The Women’s Fund that she heard about from her son’s Head Start teacher.

She loved her study groups with other single mothers and the encouragement of a career coach. She completed her course work and passed her certification on the first try.

Now she works at UAB in a full-time job with benefits that has allowed her to buy a car, pay her rent, and open a savings account.

Khalena’s long, anxious hours as the mother of a sick child have made her especially attuned to the needs of UAB patients. She loves her work. “It’s been such a joy and such a blessing. I’ve had so many patients tell me, ‘I’m always so glad to see you come in. You always make me smile.’”

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