The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham is a proud investor of Childcare Resources. As a result, the wait list for Childcare Resources’ Supplemental Child Care Program is significantly shorter and more families like Carmen’s have an opportunity to thrive.

“Success means a lot to me. Success means my children are cared for to the best of my ability,” says Carmen.

After the birth of her youngest child, Carmen’s life changed in the blink of an eye. She was happily married for over ten years. Then, suddenly, life happened.

Her marriage ended and she and her two small children moved in with her parents. She was devastated. She never imagined she would be a single mother. She felt like everyone was judging her without knowing her story. Still, Carmen was determined to make it work. She found a full-time job, but paying for child care for two kids on top of her other expenses was a struggle. Carmen reached out to Childcare Resources for assistance, and after a brief period on the waiting list, was approved for financial aid. She was overwhelmed with gratitude.

The Women’s Fund’s investment in Childcare Resources assists low-to-moderate income working families with their child care costs which allows moms to maintain employment while providing a safe and secure learning environment for their children.

“Without [this program], I am not sure if my kids would have received the education that they have. The child care facility is truly phenomenal,” said Carmen.

And Carmen is still determined. Her new goal is to get her bachelor’s degree education and give back so other single parents can achieve their dreams.

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