UPDATE: On Wednesday, March 1, HB 277 passed out of the Children and Senior Advocacy Committee. It will now go to the Rules Committee and eventually to the floor for a vote by the full House.

Many of Alabama’s parents are in the dark about their child’s safety, but this new bill would change that.

Almost 50 percent of Alabama’s child care centers are unlicensed and unregulated, leaving parents uninformed about the safety of their young children.

Alabama is 1 of only 7 states that allows such broad exemptions from licensing and inspection. As a result, the number of licensed centers has declined 60 percent since 2000.

The newly introduced Child Care Safety Act (HB 277) is a bill calling for uniform licensing and inspection for all child care centers in Alabama.

HB 277, sponsored by Rep. Pebblin Warren (D-Tuskegee) and Rep. K.L. Brown (R-Jacksonville), is co-sponsored by 18 republicans and 14 democrats.

We need your help making sure it passes this session!

The Women’s Fund is partnering with Voices for Alabama’s Children in support of this legislation. Quality, safe child care is critical for working families, and for a better workforce in Alabama. The Child Care Safety Act is a strong step in the right direction for our youngest children and peace of mind for hard-working parents.

What you can do:

Contact your representatives and ask them to support HB 277. You can find your legislator here.

Email your friends and encourage them to contact their representatives too.Spread the word about this issue on social media. Click the share buttons below.

Thanks for being an advocate for women and families!

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