Propelled by the idea that individuals with lived experience of complex social conditions can offer critical insight into how to best address and solve those issues, there has been powerful support in recent years for initiatives that engage families as experts in shaping the programs and policy that impact their lives. For these reasons, The Women’s Fund is increasingly incorporating the voices of women in our efforts to accelerate economic opportunity for women via the launch of the Family Expertise Council (FEC).

Launched in January 2020, the Family Expertise Council is a core advisory body comprised of women who successfully moved beyond economic crisis through initiatives or programs funded by The Women’s Fund. The leaders in this cohort advise The Women’s Fund on a myriad of topics including public policy, program implementation, and evaluation of project proposals from grantee partners.

The FEC will also consult with The Women’s Fund staff and participate as members on standing committees including grants and allocations, advocacy, and research.

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