The legislature adjourned today, May 18, and here’s a quick update.

Last week, the legislature reconvened for six full days of work and passed both the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets, including funding for two of the policy priorities in our 2020 Agenda for Women.

So, while it’s certainly been strange, this legislative year comes to an end with definitive wins for women in Alabama.

Watch our two-minute video update for all the details and read on for highlights.

Thanks for your continued support.

Investment in Post-Secondary Education
The legislature continued its public investment in and scaling of proven post-secondary models, created and incubated by The Women’s Fund and community colleges in the Greater Birmingham area. This model propels more women into in-demand jobs in fields like health care, manufacturing, and IT and includes training and critical wraparound supports such as child care and transportation.
Investment in Maternal Health
The passed budgets included nearly half a million dollars in funding to investigate maternal deaths. Alabama has the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the country. By fully funding the Maternal Mortality Review Committee, the legislature is demonstrating a commitment to better understanding and changing this reality for Alabama mothers.

The Capitol Heels Report is a periodic update from The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham on relevant public policy issues that impact women in Alabama. Click here to learn more about our advocacy work.

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