Last fall, to catalyze and grow our policy success and respond to the public outcry for a powerful, unified voice for women in the state of Alabama, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham announced the launch of our Women’s Policy Institute (WPI).

Our Women’s Policy Institute is a community-led, women-centered strategy for building grassroots leadership and community power that is intersectional and multi-issue. WPI will bridge the gap between the legislative process and Alabama’s diverse communities by recruiting, training, and supporting current and new women leaders, equipping them with knowledge, guidance and access in order to fully engage in all aspects of state-level public policy.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our application for the inaugural class of the Women’s Policy Institute Fellowship.

The WPI Fellowship is a nine-month experiential learning curriculum designed to train community-based leaders in Alabama in public policy advocacy. The goal of WPI is to increase the number and capacity of visionary leaders, their organizations, and/or their communities so that they can actively shape and work to implement policies that impact the lives of women in Alabama.

WPI Fellows will have the unique opportunity to learn real-world policy skills and develop critical solutions to address the needs and barriers facing women across a variety of issues, including workforce participation, healthcare, child care, and more.

Real change happens when women lead. Join us!

Learn more and apply for the Women’s Policy Institute Fellowship

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