Last night we made it public.

Surrounded by loyal supporters and new friends, we were finally able to share our boldest work yet: 20x: Change That Multiplies.

Change That Multiplies is our campaign to create five one-stop hubs that remove barriers and provide a seamless set of supports so women and their children can succeed together.

Our goal is to raise $5 million by June 21.

Thanks to generosity and hard work of the 20x Committee and many others, we are so close.

But we need your help.

Imagine you’re a single mom working two minimum wage jobs and going to school for an in-demand career. You’re also struggling to piece together quality child care, housing, and transportation for you and your kids. It’s an overwhelming task.

But what if the services you needed to move ahead were not isolated and disjointed? What if you had the supports you needed all in one place?

You could make a real change for yourself and your kids.

And that’s our goal. We hope you’ll join us as we re-imagine solutions for women and children experiencing poverty in Birmingham.

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