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Rooted in deep joy, the Society of Clotilda (SoC), in support of the Women’s Foundation of Alabama, mobilizes philanthropic resources for women, primarily in the greater Mobile area, to invest in the economic, social, and political power of Black women and girls in this region.

How We Give

The Society of Clotilda Giving Circle’s members combines their resources and award strategically selected grants to organizations and initiatives benefiting Black women and children in Mobile, Alabama.

Your Support

The Society of Clotilda graciously accepts donations to support the distribution of grants to support black women and their children in Mobile County.

Members focus their collective resources on local community organizations that are led by Black women and/or serve the needs of Black women and children in Mobile County.

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The Society of Clotilda seeks funding proposals for organizations or programs serving Black women and girls in Mobile County. Organizations may apply to The Society of Clotilda Giving Circle by invitation.

There is a bi-annual vote on projects that will enrich the health, wealth, and wellness of Black women and girls.


Joining the Society of Clotilda Giving Circle allows the members to support and further the legacy of Black women’s philanthropy in Mobile.

Membership consists of women of all ages and backgrounds who convene, pool their resources and make funding decisions together. All donation levels can participate in SoC events and activities, including the annual meeting and advocacy day. To become a full member, including participating in and on membership committees, the minimum membership level is $500.

Society of Clotilda Members

  • Chandra Brown
  • Jessica Norwood


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